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Vijai poly products is ISO 9001 certified company manufactures Phenalkamine epoxy curing agents based on cardanol technology. Vijai manufactures Phenalkamines, Modified phenalkamines, Phenalkamides, Lite color Phenalkamines, Phenalkamine for special applications, Diluents and specialty products. Vijai poly prod. Pvt Ltd. Offers you unparalleled products, services and solutions in the coatings, adhesives, sealants, paints, and construction industries. Vijai offers you the best technical support, customized products to make you a leader in the industry. The technical team of Vijai offers you new ideas and perspectives to solve formulating challenges by recommending the right products and how to use them.

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Phenalkamine curing agents are based on cardanol technology, which is very unique due to its chemical structure, which gives them a rare combination of most desirable curing characteristics. Phenalkamines have advantages over conventional epoxy curing agents.
1) Rapid curing time even at low temperature. 2) Excellent corrosion and chemical resistant properties. 3) High tolerant to moist or unprepared surfaces. 4) Low VOC high solid content with wide range of viscosity options. 5) some products are safe to use for potable water and food contact applications. 6) Good adhesion property which makes them useful for applications like jewelry, electronics potting, construction, arts and crafts.


Protective/Industrial Coating

Vijai offers phenalkamines , phenalkamine adducts, and Phenalkamides for….


Marine Coating

With Marine Coating, for the protection of Ships, heavy duty and general….


Floor Coating

There are different types of systems used for floor coating and most of them work….

Construction Adhesives & Sealants

Phenalkamines cure fast at room and low temperatures and have outstanding….


Pipe Coating

Pipe Line Coating have Undergone dramatic technological Changes. Coating now must….

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