Vijai’s Phenalkamides are a novel class of renewable epoxy curing agents that bring together the best properties of polyamides and phenalkamines while reducing their limitations. Phenalkamides lower the risk of coating failures from application problems because of their broad temperature curing range, long pot life, blush free surface at extreme conditions and excellent substrate adhesion.

Phenalkamides are surface tolerant, fast and low temperature cure, light colour epoxy curing agents with excellent anti-corrosion properties, good colour stability, and extended overcoatability.

All these properties combined, make phenalkamides a robust curing agent for multi purpose epoxy coatings. Phenalkamide technology can be used in many applications where polyamide technology currently prevails to bring a new level of performance, reliability, application latitude, and cost savings.

Phenalkamide (Solvent Less)

ProductTypeViscosity @ 25˚C(cps)Colour (Gardner)Amine Value (mgKOH/g)AHEWPHR With Epoxy resin (EEW=190)Gel Time @ 25˚C(Min.)Thin film Dry Hard Time(Hours)
VIJ 2024Phenalkamide50,000 - 1,50,00011 - 12230 - 27016082 - 8670 - 751024+
VIJ 2025Phenalkamide8000 - 1200012 - 13380 - 4009750 - 5550 - 55824+
VIJ 2026Phenalkamide4000 - 550013 -14340 -3801256040 - 557.522

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