Technical Datasheet

BG-2013 is reactive diluent for epoxy-amine systems derived from Cardanol with mono functional Epoxy group. This product is very low viscous with excellent water resistance and flexibility. High solid coatings with low viscosity can be formulated with this product without compromising other properties.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value
Color (Gardner)10-12
Viscosity at 25°C(Cps)55 – 75
Epoxy Equivalent Weight400 – 515
Density @ 25°C0.97-0.99
Volatile Losssolvent free
Hydrolyzable Chlorine (%)< 2


  1. Reduces viscosity of liquid epoxy Resin as well as solid epoxy.
  2. Gives flexibility and wetting to the substrate.
  3. Good adhesion to marginally prepared surfaces.
  4. Due to CNSL chemistry repels water.
  5. Good corrosion resistance in epoxy systems.
  6. High Levels of Mechanical Stability.

Stability and Storage

BG-2013  may absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide when left in open container, which could result in increased discoloration, reduction of reactivity, This products should be kept tightly sealed in original container when not in use, and store in a cold, dry place. Expiry of the products is 12-months from the date of manufacture.