Technical Datasheet 

VIJ2050CA is a very low viscosity, solvent free colorless epoxy curing agent based on innovative technology designed especially for decorative coating & 100% solid coatings. Due to excellent durability, good edge retention ,colorless & flexibility of the film VIJ2050CA can be used as top coats. This curing agent offers advance performances such as fast cure even at low temperature, good dry color stability, and excellent water resistance, good adhesion to marginally prepared surface & all-season cure surface tolerant and high glossy surface.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value
AppearanceWater white
Color (Gardner)Max. 2
Viscosity at 25°C ( cPs ) 100-200
Amine value ( mgKOH/g )380 - 450
Volatile Losssolvent free
Recommended Use Level with epoxy resin (EEW 190)100 : 50

* Tested at recommended phr with liquid epoxy resin EEW equal to 190

Performance Properties

Liquid Epoxy resin (EEW190)100 gm
Hardener VIJ2050CA 50 gm
Gel time at 25˚ C45-60 minutes
set time at 25 ˚C4.5 hours
Appearance of the filmclear film with high gloss


  1. Low viscosity
  2. Good Self leveling property
  3. Good flexibility upon cure which resist chipping
  4. Good wetting property which allows aggregates addition in to the mixture
  5. Water white for good aesthetic look

Stability and Storage

Cyclo aliphatic may absorb moisture and carbon dioxide when left in open container, which could result in increased viscosity, discoloration, reduction of reactivity, and /or crystallization of the products. This products should be kept tightly sealed in their in original container when not in use, and store in a cold, dry place. Expiry of the products is six months from the date of manufacture.

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